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Lawyers in the area of Insurance Law provide advice and services in respect of coverage, subrogation, first party and third party claims, casualty and property insurance, arson and fraud, products liability, professional negligence, directors’ and officers’ liability, construction, class actions, commercial general liability, aviation and a variety of special risks.

We offer 12 lawyers with expertise in this area.

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Ted E. Bock Partner

(204) 957.4673

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G. Todd Campbell Partner

(204) 957.4644

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Trisha G. Faurschou Associate

(204) 957.4618

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Gregory M. Fleetwood Partner

(204) 957.4690

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Tyler J. Kochanski Partner

(204) 957.4633

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Cyril G. Labman Partner

(204) 957.4624

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Geoff L. Mackwood Associate

(204) 957.4687

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John B. Martens Associate

(204) 957.4856

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Thomas K. Reimer Associate

(204) 957.4606

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Daryl J. Rosin Partner

(204) 957.4665

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Brent C. Ross Partner

(204) 957.4681

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Rod E. Stephenson, Q.C. Partner

(204) 957.4635

Lawyers in this area also assist clients in making representations to the Superintendent of Insurance and various levels of government with respect to proposed changes in insurance-related legislation and regulations.

Key Contact for Insurance
Ted E. Bock

(204) 957.4673 › Direct Line

Daryl J. Rosin

(204) 957.4665 › Direct Line

Rod E. Stephenson, Q.C.

(204) 957.4635 › Direct Line