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Increasingly complicated laws and a heightened public focus on environmental concerns have made businesses ever more aware of the need for legal counsel in this area.

We offer 6 lawyers with expertise in this area.

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Charles L. Chappell Associate

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Thomas P. Dooley Partner

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Allan F. Foran Partner

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Robert T. Gabor, Q.C. Partner

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Nigel J. Thompson Partner

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Robert L. Tyler Partner

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Our approach to the practice of environmental law is multi-disciplinary. We are committed to timely and effective service to our clients in all areas of environmental compliance, civil and regulatory disputes, and transactional work.

We assist our clients to maintain compliance by proactively advising them of recent and anticipated developments in the law. We also help clients obtain regulatory approvals, and have developed and assisted in the implementation of environmental management systems.

Our practice includes the defence of corporations charged with environmental offences and the assertions and defence of civil claims involving environmental damage. We represent clients in administrative processes and hearings for the purpose of obtaining environmental approvals, licences or orders. We advise purchasers, vendors and lenders about environmental law as it affects commercial transactions and organize and assist in conducting environmental audits in association with these transactions.

Members of this area include experienced transaction lawyers, skilled in the negotiation of complex acquisitions, divestitures, and financings, and a range of real estate transactions including brownfields acquisitions, leasings and financings.

Work includes the environmental aspects of land use planning and property development, natural resource projects and all associated licensing assessments and regulatory processes, environmental planning and risk management, and strategic management; corporate transactional work including due diligence respecting mergers, acquisitions, property transactions and financings; storage, transportation and handling of hazardous goods; contaminated sites; insurance coverage; prosecutions and hearings.

Key Contact for Environmental
Nigel J. Thompson

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